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Casey's anti-social behavior can be understood as symptoms of sexual abuse. Her obsessive compulsive lying and promiscuity are not evidence that she killed or abused Caylee.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a lot of noise.

It is amazing the minor details that Jose Baez left dangling in his book for his critics to take advantage of. His critics try to make it seem that the major reasons for Casey's being innocent are lies by calling attention to a lot of insignificant defects. The things they make so much fuss over do not detract from the doubts Mr. Baez raised during the trial. Many of the defects are in their interpretations only.

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  1. Amazing is right! My favorite (or most ridiculous) is how paraphrasing is called lying.

    I find that Mr. Baez is under such a huge microscope that it feels like something biblical is going on. It would be comical if the bullying wasn't so blatant and relentless.


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